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The Deal:
$ 109.99 retail price
– 22.00 [[ EMCRKBG32 ]]  = $87.99

Look, we understand. With student deals, and free upgrades, and preinstalled versions on prebuilts, there are ways to get around paying full price for Windows. For the more unscrupulous, there are even more ways to get around it. You always forget the OS price when building out a new system and it always ends up stinging when it finally dawns on you that you might actually have to go out and buy a new Windows key.

But, hey, life happens, so if you need to buy it you might as well get a discount. At 20% off, this gets you a nice little chunk of cash saved on something that doesn’t go on sale often. As the OEM version, you get a download and a code, so you’ll need your own media to load it on to to boot from on the system that needs the new OS. The OEM version is technically not supported by Microsoft, either, but when was the last time you actually called Microsoft support?

Grab the deal here.

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