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The Deal:
$ 249.99 retail price
– 70.00 sale
– 20.00 mail-in rebate
– 36.00 promo code [[ EMCRKBF22 ]] = $123.99
                                                                 + FREE WiFi / Bluetooth PCI-E Adapter

AMD might be having a bit of a resurgence with their new Ryzen CPUs, but Intel is still the gold standard for reliability and driver support, and if you’re building with Intel you’ll need an Intel-compatible board. MSI has made solid products for ages, and this board comes with everything you need. Extras include USB ports specifically tuned for VR devices, reducing signal drops, and a U.2 connector for faster speeds on newer top-of-the-line SSDs. And it’s got a bunch of programmabable RGB LEDs on it, because it’s a “gaming” motherboard, so of course it does.

Pick it up here.

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